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Treated Seeds
Treated Seeds
We coat some of our seeds with a fungicidal treatment that protects them from pests and disease during the seeding and germination phases. These seeds are denoted by a “T” in the part number. All our treated seeds are neonicotinoid-free.
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Johnny's Exclusive
Premium Shelling Peas
Most flavorful early variety with very sweet, medium-sized peas.
Most flavorful early pea.
57 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Diva Seedless and Thin-skinned Cucumbers
Especially flavorful harvested small, adapted to field and greenhouse.
Especially flavorful when harvested small.
58 Days
Remarkable combination of flavor, yield, and appearance.
Remarkable combination of flavor, yield, and appearance.
52 Days
High yields of flashy fruit, exceptionally uniform in shape and size.
Uniform, colorful, and high yielding.
95 Days
Extra-early workhouse variety with great-looking rib and big handle.
Extra-early workhorse variety.
85 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
American Dream Sweet Corn
Full-season bicolor (sh2) with premium flavor and tenderness.
Full-season bicolor (sh2) with premium flavor.
77 Days
Early, powdery mildew resistant large jack with uniform fruits.
Early, powdery mildew resistant large jack.
95 Days
Delicious yellow super sweet (sh2).
Delicious yellow super sweet (sh2).
75 Days
A late-season white (su) variety with sweet, richly flavored kernels.
A late-season white (su) variety.
91 Days
Extra-large white pumpkin that retains its color after maturity.
Extra-large white pumpkin.
100 Days
First-early bicolor (syn) with excellent flavor and sturdy, tall plant.
First-early bicolor synergistic (syn).
68 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Baby Bear Specialty Pumpkins
Kids love this perfect mini with appealing size, easy-to-grip handles.
Kids love this perfect mini pumpkin.
105 Days
Early sugary enhanced (se+) corn with a long harvest period.
A sugary enhanced (se+) variety with the longest harvest period of all early corn varieties.
70 Days
Late-season, sugary enhanced (se+) bicolor, very sweet and tender.
Late-season, sugary enhanced (se+) bicolor.
80 Days
Flavorful first-early super sweet (sh2).
Flavorful first-early super sweet (sh2).
69 Days
Reliable white super sweet (sh2) with excellent field performance.
Reliable white super sweet (sh2).
75 Days
Blocky and beautiful medium-sized jack with powdery mildew resistance.
Blocky and beautiful with disease resistance.
90 Days
Be the first to market with sweet peas.
First to market.
55 Days
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