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The greens of three of our Italian dandelion varieties, bundled and displayed in a wooden box.
Italian Dandelion
Not a true dandelion, but with leaves that are similar in appearance, Italian dandelions are much earlier, upright growing, larger, and a deeper green. With a number of varieties originating in Italy, the leaves and flower stalks are used in salads, soups, or as a sautéed side dish.
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Johnny's Exclusive
Clio Italian Dandelion
Tender and uniform Italian dandelion, for "cut and come again" harvest.
Tender and uniform Italian dandelion.
48 Days
Uniform strain for salad mix or bunching.
For salad mix or bunching.
35 baby; 48 full size
Beautiful red stems and midribs for vibrant contrast in salad mix.
Adds beautiful red color to salad mix.
40 baby; 56 full size
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