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Several oblong, pale-purple Asian eggplants laid out on a table.
Asian Eggplants
Cultivated in Asia for millennia, eggplant varieties that originate in Asia include many regional subgroups of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai provenance. The flavor of these types is slightly sweeter — a result of having fewer seeds — and more tender than the Italian types, but turns bitter if left to overripen. Johnny's Asian eggplant varieties have been selected for performance under cool weather conditions as well as heat stress — and many are also earlier to bear, resulting in a longer harvest period. Choose from a range of colors, sizes, and shapes.
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Asian Delite Asian Eggplants
Slender, bright purple fruits.
New! Slender, bright purple fruits.
60 Days
The most dependable eggplant, high yielding and early maturing.
The most dependable eggplant.
58 Days
Strong plant with high yields of purple Asian-type fruits.
Purple Asian type.
65 Days
Thai specialty with prolific set of small, green-and-white fruits.
Green-and-white Thai specialty.
60 Days
Beautiful Indian eggplant with white-and-purple variegated fruit.
Out of Stock
Small white-and-purple variegated fruits.
64 Days
Out of Stock
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