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A close-up shot of cress greens.
Cress is a group of peppery greens more commonly grown and used in Europe in salad mixes, sandwiches, soups, and garnishes. There are three main types of edible cress, each unique in shape, texture, and growing requirements. Watercress is by nature a semi-aquatic plant long cultivated in milder regions of the world as a perennial, and increasingly indoors as well, most often hydroponically. Garden cress, offered in both organic and conventional forms, is the fast-growing form most typically produced in controlled-environment agriculture. Upland (or land) cress, has an extended harvest window under average field conditions, and is slower growing and sharper in flavor than other cresses, as it has a lower water content.
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Gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable, exceptional nutritional value.
Gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable.
60 Days
Fancy crinkled leaves add texture, loft, and peppery flavor to salads.
Fancy crinkled leaves.
36 Days
Upland Cress Cress
Similar to watercress, but easier to grow.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Similar to watercress, but easier to grow.
50 Days
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