A mix of ornamental grasses shown against a wooden backdrop.

Grasses, Ornamental

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Cut-flower filler adds sparkle to bouquets with airy flower plumes.
Soft, furry plumes are perfect for drying.
Excellent cut for its vibrant color and across-the-board uniformity.
Productive and easy to grow and harvest.
The largest and tallest type of quaking grass.
Elegant fresh or dried flower with masses of white, nodding plumes.
Fresh-looking, easy-to-grow grass adds textural element to bouquets.
Easy-to-grow grass with a unique look, a great textural element.
Striking ornamental millet adds architecture and color to bouquets.
Sparkling, rosy grass for late summer and fall.
Sturdy purple-gray plumes for fresh and dried arrangements.
Sturdy bronze-colored plumes give tapestry-like effect to arrangements.