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2021 Orders

Is Johnny's restricting orders this season?

Given the volume of new orders coupled with COVID safety precautions in our warehouse, Johnny's will be intermittently closing our business to home gardeners. Our goal is to keep these closures to an absolute minimum and to provide advance notice whenever possible. When home garden orders are being restricted, a notice will be placed at the top of our website and within the shopping cart.

When should I order seeds for 2021, to ensure I get the products I want to purchase this year?

We saw a huge surge of interest in growing last year and expect that interest to continue in 2021. For that reason, we encourage you to place orders early. Ordering early will better ensure you get the varieties you're looking for and provide additional time for order processing and shipping prior to your ideal planting dates.

Do you anticipate seed shortages this year?

Our team has been working hard to stock up on the high-quality seeds you depend on. In any given year, we experience seed shortages and seed crop failures, limiting the availability of some varieties. We do not expect any seed shortages outside of what can occur in an average year.

There are some tools and supplies in limited stock this season, due to COVID-19 impacts.

When can I expect to receive my order?

Orders shipping via our standard method may require 7 business days for processing. Our team is committed to getting your order to you safely and as quickly as possible. Many orders are shipped more quickly than the processing time quoted. Standard shipping typically takes 5–7 days. Due to COVID-19 impacts, all delivery services, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx, are experiencing slower delivery times, and delivery times are not guaranteed.

Orders shipping via our expedited methods are processed within 2 business days if the order is placed by 1:30 pm ET. Orders shipping Next-Day or 2nd-Day Air are typically arriving as expected, but may experience shipping delays from delivery services due to COVID-19 impacts. Delivery times are not guaranteed.

Our order processing time may change based on the current number of orders we are receiving. We will communicate the processing time to you on our website checkout when you select a shipping method. Processing times will also be shared for orders placed via phone.

Do you have any tips for ordering this year?

  • Plan ahead for the seed quantities you'll need, but please only order what you can use. Try our helpful Interactive Seed Quantity Calculator or our Vegetable Seed Quantity Charts to estimate the amount of seed you will need.
  • We encourage you to be flexible by trying something new or turning to a substitute suggested for an out-of-stock item. All of our varieties are trialed by our product experts and carefully selected for your success. Tip: Browse through the Featured menu at the top of our website to shop by variety characteristics that are most important to you. Options include heat or cold tolerance, Greenhouse Performers, or even our easiest-to-grow varieties, Easy Choice.
  • For new growers, buy early but don't start seeds too early. Plan your seed-starting dates using our seed-starting calculator.

General Inquiries

How can I place an order with Johnny's?

There are four ways to place an order from Johnny's:

  • Web
    Quick Order
  • Phone
  • Fax
    U.S. : 1-800-738-6314  |   International: 207-238-5375
  • Mail
    Johnny's Selected Seeds, PO Box 299, Waterville, Maine 04903 USA

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
  • Personal Checks
  • Money Orders and Cashier's Checks
  • Wire Transfers (requires additional bank fee of $15 USD)
  • Johnny's Gift Certificates
  • Johnny's also offers credit accounts to commercial customers.
    For more information, see Commercial Sales.

Gift Certificates: How do I use it? Does it expire? Are there any restrictions? What if I lose it?

  • Gift certificates can be used as partial or full payment for all order methods. When placing your order, simply indicate the gift certificate number and its dollar value. If the amount of your gift certificate is larger than your order amount, another gift certificate will be issued. If the remaining gift certificate credit balance is less than $10, a check will be issued rather than another gift certificate.
  • Our gift certificates do not expire.
  • Coupons and other discounts cannot be applied to gift certificate purchases.
  • If you have lost a gift certificate, we can help. Please Contact Us for assistance.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, a recent Supreme Court ruling (South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.,, Inc., and Newegg, Inc.) changed the state sales tax obligations for all companies that sell remotely through websites and catalogs. Johnny's Selected Seeds now charges sales tax on orders shipping to a number of states where we are required by law to collect and remit state tax, unless the customer is a tax-exempt organization or a reseller with a current exemption certificate on file with Johnny's. Please refer to the Sales Tax FAQs for more information regarding sales tax charges and exemption certificates, and Contact Us if you require further assistance.

Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes, we accept international credit cards. However, these cards usually have daily spending limits. Depending on the size of your order, we may need to divide it into multiple orders that ship on different days, to stay within your card's daily limit.

Do you accept credit card gift cards?

No. Currently, we are not able to accept gift cards as a form of payment.

How can I get assistance if I need it?

We're here to help you! Please call 1-877-564-6697 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Contact Center Specialists. We're open year-round, with extended hours during the busiest planning, planting, and growing months. If you prefer to email your message, please use our convenient Contact Form. We will be back in touch with you within 48 business hours.

What is your return policy?

Johnny's is committed to your success. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will replace the item or refund the purchase price. For more details and instructions, refer to Returns & Exchanges.

Billing Information

Do you keep my credit card information on file?

No. For your security, we do not retain credit card details on file. For more information, see Privacy & Security.

When will you charge my credit card?

We will charge your card when we receive your order.


Is it safe to use my credit card or debit card on your site?

Yes. We are committed to protecting your personal information. Johnny's uses HTTPS technology to provide you with the safest, most secure shopping experience possible. If you prefer not to transmit your card information over the Internet, simply Contact Us to place your order by phone, fax, or regular mail.

Does your site have a secure connection?

Our site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to secure the communication of all sensitive information passing between your web browser and our servers.

Order Fulfillment

Can I change an order after I've submitted it?

We process orders very quickly, and once an order enters the fulfillment process we may be unable to modify it. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that in the majority of cases, our faster processing times work to your advantage.

If you do need to change, add to, or cancel an order, please Contact Us as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Orders placed via undergo immediate preauthorization for the total order amount, and cannot be added to. If you have forgotten an item, you will need to place another web order or Call Us. We will be happy to help you!

What is meant by a product "substitute"? Why would you need to substitute a similar seed?

If an item is sold out or a crop failure, we may recommend a variety very similar to the original item, that will meet your needs. We would send an email notification or a letter with a recommended substitute and ask you to contact us if you would like to place an order for the substitute.

What is your cancellation policy?

It is our goal to deliver the high-quality goods and services you have come to expect from Johnny's. If you change your mind on an order, we will make every effort to honor your cancellation request.

If one of the items you have ordered is on backorder, and subsequently it becomes unavailable due to a crop failure, we will cancel your order and send you a cancellation notification. The most expedient way for us to contact you is via email. If we do not have an email address on file for you, we will send you a letter through the postal service.

What is meant by a "backordered" item?

A backordered item is one which is not currently available, but which we anticipate will become available within the near future.

What is your policy regarding backorders?

While we make every effort to ship orders in their entirety, there are times when certain products may be delayed. Most backordered items become available within 30 days of the purchase date, but backorder dates are subject to change. If an item becomes further delayed, we will send an email notification or mail a letter to those without email notifying you of the delay. Please Contact Us with any additional questions you may have regarding backorders.

Is it possible for me to preorder an item that is marked "Out of Stock"?

If an item is currently marked out of stock, we cannot accept any orders for the item. If an item is currently marked backordered, however, it can be ordered at any time.

My item is listed with a "Later Ship Date." Why has the ship date changed since I placed my order?

There are times when our suppliers are unable to meet our expected receiving dates. Unfortunately, when this happens, we must adjust our ship date. If the ship date is pushed out two weeks or more, we will send an email notification or mail a letter to those without email notifying you of the delay.

If I cancel my backordered item, will I receive a refund?

  • If you paid by check or money order, you will receive a refund check in the mail for the cancelled item.
  • If you used a credit card for payment and the backordered item has not yet shipped, we will refund the amount to your card.


How do you calculate shipping charges?

On domestic orders, Johnny's applies standard shipping charges based on the order subtotal.

All nondomestic charges are based on the weight of the order.

For more information regarding our shipping charges and methods, please refer to our U.S. Shipping, Canada Shipping, or International Shipping pages.

What shipping methods do you offer?

Johnny's standard shipping methods include, but are not limited to:

  • U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
  • Federal Express (FedEx)
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Other: Large bulk freight (truck) courier. Bulk orders weighing 300 lb or greater can be shipped by a freight courier. We will provide you with the best method for your order. We can also accommodate your courier of choice.

How do you decide which method to use for shipping my order?

Shipping methods are selected on the basis of destination zone, origin address, and the weight of the package.

How much do you charge for shipping?

For specific information on our shipping rates, please refer to our U.S. Shipping, Canada Shipping, or International Shipping pages.

Where do you ship?

Johnny's ships worldwide, wherever we are able to comply with all agricultural import regulations. For more details, see our U.S. Shipping, Canada Shipping, or International Shipping information, as well as our Table of Restricted Countries. (For current and detailed information pertaining to restrictions on shipping agricultural products to international destinations, we also recommend contacting your Ministry of Agriculture.)

When will my order be shipped?

At this time orders may require 7 business days to process.

Can my order be expedited if needed?

Yes. Johnny's offers faster delivery options. Please let us know your preference at time of ordering.

What is meant by "FOB Shipping" and "Zone Shipping Charges"?

  • Freight On Board (FOB) and Zone Shipping Charges are Additional Shipping Charges applied to certain products due to their size, weight, or dimensional shape.
  • In our catalog, items and sizes requiring such Additional Shipping Charges are denoted by a red asterisk (*).
  • On our website, items or sizes requiring Additional Shipping Charges are noted under Additional Information on the individual product page. In the Shopping Cart, the fee is line-listed as Surcharge.
  • The charges are broken down into Zones A, B, C, and D. The shipping address determines the zone and its associated charge.
  • For Shipping Zone definitions, see Shipping Information.

My product says it can't be shipped to a certain state or country. Why?

Johnny's shipping restrictions reflect state and federal regulations that limit by law the transportation of certain items across borders or along public transportation routes. Such restrictions may relate to introduced, invasive, or noxious species or to other materials in the restricted products. We encourage you to Contact Us to request a recommended alternative.

Password Problems?

If you're a returning customer trying to access your Johnny's account, please note that our website requires you to enter your password to access your account. Click on the "Forgot Password?" link above the Password box on the Login page. See also the instructions below for details. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

How to reset your password

  1. Click the "Login" link in the top navigation bar.

  2. This will take you to the "My Account" page.

  3. 1

  4. Under the heading "Returning Customers," enter your Email Address in the box, then click the "Forgot Password" link above the Password box. (You will not be able to proceed without entering your email address — if you have not done so, a red message will popup to indicate this.)

  5. A pop-up box will appear, requesting you to enter the email address you used to create your account. Fill in the Email Address, then click the red "Send" button.

  6. 2

  7. A second pop-up box will appear, containing a message directing you to check your email.

  8. 3

  9. Check your email in-box for an email from Johnny's containing a reset-password link. The email will come from "," so if you do not see it, check your junk box to be sure your email program is not blocking that address.

  10. 4

  11. Click on the link in the email. It will bring you to a page where you can Set a NEW Password. Enter a new password, confirm the new password, and click on the red "Apply" button:

  12. 5

  13. You should see the following message indicating that you have successfully reset your password.

  14. 6

  15. You will also receive an email indicating the change (from

  16. 7

  17. You should now be able to click on the "Login" link in the top bar of the website, as depicted in Step 1 — and log in with your new password.

If you continue to experience problems accessing your account, please call us toll-free at 1-877-564-6697 during business hours, and a customer service representative will assist you.


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