Organic Organic Fruits
Person holding strawberries grown from Johnny's organic strawberry plants.
Organic Fruit
Choose Johnny’s organic fruit seeds and plants for optimal vigor, adaptability, yield — and above all, flavor. Whether you grow in the container or the field, our certified-organic strawberry plants are ideal when you need to minimize turnaround time. We offer a line of certified-organic melon seeds for varieties bred to withstand the rigors of less-than-ideal growing conditions, including disease pressure and cooler or shorter seasons. We also offer organic heirloom rhubarb crowns in a popular commercial variety with old-fashioned appeal.
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Earliest cantaloupe, developed for cool-weather regions.
The earliest-ripening, Eastern-type cantaloupe.
70 Days
Excellent cooking quality in this early, abundant producer.
Excellent cooking quality in this early, abundant producer.
365 Days
High-yielding, widely-adapted organic melon for full-season harvest.
Full-season organic variety.
77 Days
Premium-quality organic cantaloupe.
Premium-quality organic cantaloupe.
75 Days
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