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About Our Seeds

Sow with confidence: We store our seeds under carefully controlled conditions of low humidity and temperature, operate a quality-assurance lab on site, and closely monitor germination of all our seed lots, so that we ship you only the most viable seeds possible.
What can you plant to harvest in winter, and when should you plant it?
Hybrid. OP. Smooth. Frilly. Baby leaf. Full size. Johnny's has it all.
Premium red or white bunching onions to fit any harvest slot.
Specialty flavor, texture, and color from a quick-turnaround crop.


When it comes to Tools & Supplies, our focus is on smart design, durability, good value, and environmental safety — products that will make your time spent in the field, garden, or greenhouse more satisfying and productive.
Run the numbers up front to estimate costs & quantities for your tunnels.
Specialized crop protection in many bed widths, lengths & thicknesses.
Choose from blades and baskets designed to save you time & effort.
Optimize your greenhouse or high tunnel for greater cost savings ahead.