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About Our Seeds

"It has been an exciting year here at Johnny’s. We’re pleased to share with you the new releases from our breeding work in tomatoes, peppers, Swiss chard, squash, and pumpkins, as well as the many great new varieties from our cooperators around the world." — Robert Johnston, Jr., Founder & Chairman
A fresh market mainstay that sings of summer.
Choose Johnny's peas for superior germination, yield & flavor.
From Halloween haunting to pie filling, we have the pumpkin for you.
Only the finest will do, from round red to French to daikon.


"More new farmers than ever are joining the ranks, often spurred on by thought-leaders like Eliot Coleman and Jean-Martin Fortier. Johnny's has been hard at work, striving for innovation in tools to optimize efficiency, reduce labor, and make our customers more successful." — Adam Lemieux, Tools & Supplies Product Manager
Seeding on a small scale? Select from Johnny’s scalable Jang seeders.
Ready your greenhouse or high tunnel! Stock up now on key supplies.
Boost plant health, efficiency & yield with the right support system.
Mulch crops to suppress weeds, increase yields & conserve water.