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About Our Seeds

Sow with confidence: We store our seeds under carefully controlled conditions of low humidity and temperature, operate a quality-assurance lab on site, and closely monitor germination of all our seed lots, so that we ship you only the most viable seeds possible.
Different, high-quality, and bursting with flavor.
Meeting you here at the crossroads of beauty and function.
New and improved selections that aced our rigorous trials.
Beloved for flavor, beauty & outstanding performance.


When it comes to Tools & Supplies, our focus is on smart design, durability, good value, and environmental safety — products that will make your time spent in the field, garden, or greenhouse more satisfying and productive.
More options, more efficiencies for the small-scale grower.
From trays to soilless mixes to heat mats, you can get started here.
More labor-savers and the information you need to use them.
The protection your crops need from the elements.