Johnny's July 2013 Newsletter : 3 Growing Vegetable Trends - What to Plant Now

July 2013
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3 Growing Trends for Fall Vegetable Markets

Growing Trends
in Vegetable Crops

What to PLANT NOW — Beets Fennel Kale

Across much of the United States and Canada, July is the time to plan and, in some cases, even plant your fall crops. By choosing the best varieties for fall, scheduling plantings carefully, and growing sufficient quantities, you can extend your marketing season well beyond your frost date.

In this issue of the JSS Advantage, we’ll suggest 3 crops — Beets, Fennel, and Kale — that not only make great choices for autumn markets, but continue to rank in the top 10 trending vegetables.

JSS 40th Anniversary
Farm Visits & Grower Profiles

Slegers Greenhouses, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
Slegers Greenhouses, Strathroy, Ontario

Jo & Pauline Sleger of Slegers Greenhouses have built a successful business around 3 strategies:

  • Their greens are available year-round.
  • They are certified organic.
  • Everything they sell is a living product with roots attached.

Defining their business by those 3 characteristics makes it sound like a simple recipe for success. But in fact, their greenhouse operation in Strathroy, Ontario is a complex system developed over more than 25 years. Growing greens of all sorts and catering to various markets within the Toronto metro area, their production system is a hybrid of hydroponics and soil culture, something they have been refining over the years.

"We're using a lot more soil than most hydroponic greenhouses because we sell everything with roots attached," Jo Sleger explains. Subirrigating with an ebb and flow system, the organic hydroponic system "is the single most difficult thing we do..." states Jo. "It's more than twice as difficult as conventional hydroponics…."

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