Sept 2013 : Top Picks for Year-Round Micro Greens Production

September 2013
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       40th Anniversary Farm Visits & Grower Profiles
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  Homestead, FL
Grow Micro Greens Year-Round

Top Picks for Starting Micro Greens

Best Varieties for Beginners, from Johnny's Experts

You probably have heard of micro greens, those tiny "seedlings" that are so popular for salads and garnishes. They are showing up at restaurants, farmers' markets, and even some grocery stores. Micro greens offer fresh flavor, a tender crunch, nutrient density, and a beautiful assortment of intense colors. Growers love them because they're a super-quick crop that can be grown year-round, they attract interest, and they bring a good price.

Harvested at either the cotyledon or first-true-leaf stage, micro greens are relatively easy to grow, but they're not entirely foolproof. In this article, we'll help you get started by listing our favorite easy choices for micro greens. For those seeking more detailed growing information, we also offer a Guide to Micro Greens Production.

Whether you're looking to add diversity and profitability to your operation or simply to give them a try, here are the top picks from Johnny's Research Team for the beginning micro greens grower.

Micro Greens Production

Micro Greens Production

Johnny's Guide to Growing
Micro Greens

Micro greens are the leaves of certain vegetables and herbs harvested when quite young, generally at the first-true-leaf stage of growth. Raising micro greens offers the grower an opportunity to expand existing markets and to open new ones. When grown in a greenhouse with supplemental heat or indoors under lights, micro greens can be produced year-round, even at high latitudes through the depths of winter.

Here are the basic elements of micro greens production:

JSS 40th Anniversary
Farm Visits & Grower Profiles

Paradise Farms, Homestead, FL

Paradise Farms Organic
Homestead, Florida

Paradise Farms has become a big name on the food scene in South Florida, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of owner Gabriele Marewski.

Gabriele grows specialty produce for about 30 restaurants in the Greater Miami area. The chefs who buy her food collaborate with her in a series of on-farm dinners and brunches. She also offers "Weddings in Paradise" and a B&B farm stay, plus various retreats, workshops, and tours. This highly diversified farm of just 5 acres offers a model for other growers who, like Gabriele, have limited land but unlimited vision.

Gabriele follows the principles of Biodynamics, and has always focused on selling to restaurants.... Seven years ago we started having farm dinners. My ulterior motive with the dinners is to get the chefs to come down to the farm. When they come to the farm, they really get it; they understand the value of local food...."

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