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Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)
Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)
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Organic hybrid cantaloupe with disease resistance and great flavor.
New! Our first organic hybrid cantaloupe.
75 Days
Earliest-ripening cantaloupe, developed for cool-weather regions.
The earliest-ripening Eastern-type cantaloupe.
70 Days
Perfect shipping melon with disease tolerance and good shelf life.
Disease tolerant and shippable.
79 Days
Personal-size, intensely sweet melon with above-average shelf life.
Personal-size melon with intense sweetness.
80 Days
Popular heirloom muskmelon from Colorado. Also known as 'Rocky Ford.'
Wonderful Colorado heirloom also known as "Rocky Ford."
75 Days
Be the first to market with this extra-early Eastern variety.
Earliest Eastern variety.
73 Days
Italian/Tuscan-type cantaloupe.
Italian/Tuscan cantaloupe.
76 Days
Sarah's Choice
Regular winner in our on-farm taste tests for its sweet, juicy flesh.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Our most flavorful cantaloupe.
76 Days
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