Organic Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables


Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables
Choose from our diverse assortment of non-GMO, organic vegetable seeds and plants that have passed rigorous trials to ensure they will thrive in limited-input systems. We provide flavorful, vigorous, disease-resistant hybrids as well as the best heirloom vegetables, open-pollinated varieties, and untreated organic seed options in all major crop categories. NOP-compliant pelleted seed is also available for efficient, precision seeding.
Ezbruke Romaine Lettuce (Cos)
Open-head, red mini romaine for one-cut or whole-head harvest.
New! Open-head, red mini romaine. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
52 Days
Bean, Mung Shoots
Very fast maturing with mild bean flavor, green leaves and pink stems.
Now available organic! Mild bean flavor.
7 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Red Ember Hot Peppers
Dual use, fresh or dry.
New! Dual use, fresh or dry.
55 green; 75 red ripe
Yankee Full-Size Onions
Downy mildew resistant onion for storage.
New! Downy mildew resistant onion for storage.
108 Days
Kale, Toscano Fast Growing Varieties
Dark-green leaves, light-green stems.
Now available organic! Dark-green leaves, light-green stems.
10 - 15 Days
Yankee Full-Size Onions
Downy mildew resistant onion for storage.
New! Downy mildew resistant onion for storage. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
108 Days
Frederik Beefsteak Tomatoes
High-yielding beefsteak with very good flavor; compact, vigorous plant.
Now available organic! High yields from a compact, vigorous plant.
76 Days
Gabriella Full-Size Onions
Yellow short-day onion for the South; uniform with good bolt tolerance.
New! Short-day yellow with excellent uniformity and good bolt tolerance for the South.
155-160 from fall planting
Early, powdery-mildew resistant zucchini with high yields, open plants.
Organic, early, powdery mildew resistant.
47 Days
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety with more shallowly-lobed leaf.
Early, heat tolerant.
38 Days
Most heat-tolerant lettuce for mini, full-size, has excellent flavor.
The most heat tolerant lettuce.
50 Days
Striking golden-fleshed beet that retains its color when cooked.
Striking golden-fleshed beet.
55 Days
Lacinato or "dinosaur" type Italian heirloom with unique leaf shape.
Italian heirloom.
30 baby; 65 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Corinto Slicing Cucumbers
Our earliest, most productive slicer, vigorous in field or greenhouse.
Our earliest, most productive slicer.
48 Days
Heat tolerant, full-size romaine.
A longtime favorite.
57 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Encore Lettuce Mix Lettuce Mixes
An all-organic, stunning mix of diverse colors, shapes, and textures.
An all-organic lettuce mix.
28 Days
Our distinct, widely-grown strain, excellent for stuffing and baking.
Our distinct, widely-grown strain.
100 Days
Heat-tolerant organic variety that produces high-quality roots.
Heat-tolerant organic radish.
22 Days
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