Organic Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables
Choose from our diverse assortment of non-GMO, organic vegetable seeds and plants that have passed rigorous trials to ensure they will thrive in limited-input systems. We provide flavorful, vigorous, disease-resistant hybrids as well as the best heirloom vegetables, open-pollinated varieties, and untreated organic seed options in all major crop categories. NOP-compliant pelleted seed is also available for efficient, precision seeding.
Early producer of truly compact mini heads with bronze-red color.
True compact, red, mini romaine.
45 Days
Mild, nutty flavor eaten fresh, added to salads, or used as a garnish.
Mild, nutty flavor.
7 - 21 Days
Smooth red leaves with purple stems for babyleaf and bunching.
Red leaf organic kale for baby leaf and bunching.
25 baby; 50 full size
Lacinato or "dinosaur" type Italian heirloom with unique leaf shape.
Italian heirloom.
30 baby; 65 full size
Stunning fuschia leaves and stems elevate dishes and add mild flavor.
Attractive fuschia stems and leaves.
16 - 25 Days
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety with more shallowly-lobed leaf.
Early, heat tolerant.
38 Days
Green leaves and white stems with crisp, spicy flavor.
Crisp, spicy flavor.
10 - 15 Days
Sweet and flavorful mini-sized peppers; all three colors in one mix.
All three colors in one mix.
55-63 green; 75-83 color
Smooth, mild-flavored leaves for salad mixes.
Smooth leaves for salad mixes.
21 baby; 45 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Encore Lettuce Mix Lettuce Mixes
An all-organic, stunning mix of diverse colors, shapes, and textures.
An all-organic lettuce mix.
28 Days
Essential salad mix ingredient, also a "cut and come again" product.
Essential salad mix ingredient.
21 baby; 40 full size
Early producer of truly compact mini heads with bronze-red color.
True compact, red, mini romaine.
45 Days
The preferred pea variety for shoots, with uniform germination.
Preferred pea for shoots.
7 - 14 Days
Beautiful golden-orange stems with dark-green, medium-savoyed leaves.
Golden-orange stems with dark-green, medium-savoyed leaves.
30 baby; 60 bunching
Beautiful, three-dimensional, oak-type leaves add loft to salad mix.
Beautiful oak-type leaves.
21 baby; 40 full size
Early, delicious and attractive cherry with excellent disease package.
Early, delicious, attractive cherry tomatoes.
55 Days
Green oakleaf for babyleaf. Upright habit and broad disease resistance.
Disease-resistant green oakleaf well-suited for babyleaf production.
31 Days
Compact and uniform mini green romaine with excellent, crisp texture.
Mini green romaine. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
43 Days