Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds

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Variety is a Wildflowers type.

Beneficial Insect Attractant Mix

Beneficial Insect Attractant Mix


Product ID: 1832

Attract beneficial insects.

Perennial and annual varieties attract a wide array of beneficial insects that prey upon unwanted garden insect pests. SEEDING RATE: PKT. sows a 45' row or 4 sq.ft.; 1/4 lb. sows 500 sq.ft.; 20-25 lb./acre. Full sun. (Varieties are subject to change depending upon availability.) Mix contains:

* Achillea millefolium - White Yarrow (P)
* Aurinia saxatile - Golden Tuft (P)
* Ammi majus - False Queen Anne's Lace (A)
* Anethum graveolens - Dill (A)
* Coriandrum sativum - Cilantro (A)
* Cosmos sulphureus - Sulphur Cosmos Mix (A)
* Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat (A)
* Foeniculum vulgare - Leaf Fennel (A)
* Vicia villosa - Hairy Vetch (P)
* Lobularia maritima - Sweet Alyssum (A)
* Matricaria recutita - German Chamomile (A)
* Brassica japonica - Mizuna (A)
* Ocimum basilicum - Basil (A)
* Trifolium incarnatum - Crimson Clover (A)
* Helianthus annuus - Dwarf Sunflower (A)
* Centaurea cyanus - Dwarf Cornflower (A) Ht. 6-36".
Avg. 15,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 500 seeds.

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1832Packet  $3.65 
18321 Ounce  $6.90 
18321/4 Pound  $13.50 
18321 Pound  $45.50 

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This mixture attracts beneficial insects, including lacewings, lady bugs, hover flies, syrphid flies, and parasitic wasps, which help to destroy harmful insects such as aphids, thrips, and mites.

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