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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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RyegrassCover Crop Seed


Product ID: 988

A fast grower to provide "quick green grass" anywhere, and as a cover crop.

Ryegrass is a great nitrogen scavenger and can assimilate as much as 200 lb./acre/year of nitrogen. Most of that nitrogen then becomes available to subsequent crops, thus saving on fertilizer input. Annual ryegrass is a very competitive winter annual, with good seedling vigor, fast germination (with adequate moisture) and rapid establishment. Annual ryegrass is a bunch grass, yellowish-green at the base, with long glossy green leaves up to 12" each. it will overwinter in certain years. When used as a cover crop, annual ryegrass is killed in the spring before it reaches seed formation stage. Sow from early spring through late summer. As winter cover, ryegrass will winter kill, but still help protect the soil (see Oats). Sow, then rake to lightly cover. Seeding rate: short-term lawn (thick) 4 lb./1,000 sq.ft. (20-30 lb./acre); cover crop (thinner) 1 lb./1,000 sq.ft. (40 lb./acre). Avg. 153,700 seeds/lb.

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Quick Facts

Days to Maturity or Bloom:   50-70

Plant Cycle:   (A)  

Shipping Information & Notes

Annual ryegrass grows vigorously under a wide range of soils and climates. It is tolerant of wet soils and temporary flooding, and will grow in sandy soils, but is better adapted to heavy clay or silty soils. Annual ryegrass tolerates a pH range of 5-8 with the optimum between 6 and 7. Can become a weed if allowed to set seed.

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Growing Information

Green Manures

CULTURE: Sow the seeds at the time, rate, and depth specified for each variety listed.
FOR GREEN MANURE: Till in at any growth stage.
FOR ORNAMENTAL USE OR GRAIN HARVEST: Cut the plants near the base when most of the green color has turned brown and the seeds are hardening (no longer milky).
SEED SPECS: Planting rates are listed in the comparison chart.

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