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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Disease Resistance:

No disease information found.

Symbols Explained

Easy Choice

Easy Choice

Variety is easy-to-grow.

Grows Well in Containers

Grows Well in Containers

Variety does well when grown in a container.

Big Smile

Big SmileSunflower Seed


Product ID: 1312

Slightly larger blooms than Sunny Smile.

Attractive in small beds, containers, and 4-6" pots. 3-6" blooms are bright golden-yellow with a black center. Also known as common sunflower and annual sunflower. Day neutral. Branching. Bears pollen. Ht. 10-15" in containers; 12-24" in the garden. Avg. 810 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

Product Price Qty
1312Packet  $3.95 
1312250 Seeds  $7.10 
1312500 Seeds  $12.15 
13121,000 Seeds  $19.80 
13125,000 Seeds  $90.80 
131210,000 Seeds  $164.90 

Quick Facts

Days to Maturity or Bloom:   50-60

Plant Cycle:   (A)  

Product Symbols:

Easy Choice   Grows Well in Containers  

Shipping Information & Notes

Dwarf Sunflowers | Comparison Chart

Growing Information

Sunflowers, Dwarf

DAYS TO GERMINATION: 7-14 days at 70-75°F (21-24°C).

SOWING: Direct seed (recommended): Sow after last frost in groups of 3-4 seeds, 1/2" deep. Thin to one plant when true leaves appear.
Transplant: Sow in final container, placing 1 seed per 6" pot or 3 seeds per gallon container, 3-4 weeks prior to planting out. Dislikes root disturbance. If transplanting to beds, wait for 3-4 true leaves to appear.

GROWING ON: Grow at 70-80°F (21-27°C) during the day and 50-60°F (10-16°C) at night. Warmer temperatures cause stretching; cooler temperatures cause plants to be more dwarf.


Light, well-drained soil of low to moderate fertility.

PLANT SPACING: 8-12". Space plants so that leaves do not touch. Crowding promotes taller growth and weaker stems.


HARVEST: Fresh: Harvest when flowers are just beginning to open.
Dried: Flowers are completely open. Hang or use silica gel.

USES: Excellent in containers or for mass plantings.

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