Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds

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Quick Hoops™ High Tunnel Bender

Quick Hoops™ High Tunnel Bender


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Protect your crops and extend your season early in the spring and late in the fall.

Bend your own hoops to create a 12' wide, 7' high tunnel of any desired length out of locally available 1 3/8" chain link fence top rail. For added strength, hoops are 13-15' wide initially and are compressed to fit into ground posts, spaced 12' apart. Includes extensive illustrated instructions on how we built our own walk-in caterpillar style tunnels. Also included with the bender, which mounts to any solid horizontal surface (picnic table, bench, hay wagon, etc.), is a lever bar for added leverage when ‘finishing' the bend. Developed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman.

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Eliot Coleman's Modular Moveable Cathedral High Tunnel | Construction Manual
Quick Hoops™ High Tunnel | Bender | Instruction Manual

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