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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Precision Vacuum Seeder

Precision Vacuum Seeder


Product ID: 7180

Accurately seeds the whole tray at once!

Perfect for small to midsize operations. One of the fastest and most accurate seeders available anywhere - at any price! Seeds watermelon to raw petunias in plug trays as well as cell packs. Made of lightweight polycarbonate and machined aluminum. Transparent seeder body allows for easy inspection for clogged holes and/or misses. Directly seeds up to 250 trays per hour with very high accuracy. Extremely easy to operate: Seeds are poured onto the plate and the operator "pans for gold", moving them around the pan as vacuum pressure collects seeds at each open hole in the plate. The operator holds the seeder vertically while lightly bumping the edge against the table until only one seed remains against each hole. Excess seed can be held in a special curled lip on one side of the seed plate (conveniently in reserve for the next tray) or dumped into the seed collection tray. With a seed now held firmly in every seed hole, the seeder is inverted and placed over a soil-filled plug tray; the suction valve is shut, releasing all the seeds at once into their respective cells. Standard 1020 tray format (a model formatted for Speedling Trays is also available). Includes transparent seeder assembly, aluminum D72 seeder plate, seed collection tray and holder, small shop vacuum, seed plate orifice cleaning tool, talcum powder, and a small fluorescent inspection light. Made in the USA. This item is shipped directly to you from our supplier. Please allow up to 20 business days for delivery.

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71801 Unit  $599.00 
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Shipping Information & Notes

PLEASE NOTE: Since the seeder plates are pre-designed to fit standard 1020 trays, we would like to confirm that you are indeed using 1020 trays. Also, please note in 'Comments' the size and manufacturer (i.e. Myers, Dillen, ITML, etc) of the trays you are using. Other hole configurations are also available. Please call.

SHIPPING NOTE: This item is shipped directly to you from our supplier. Please allow up to 20 business days for delivery.

Precision Vacuum Seeder | Instruction Manual
Precision Vacuum Seeder | Supplemental Instructions | Identifying Your Seedling Tray Brand
Precision Vacuum Seeder Plates | Comparison Chart

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