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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Salanova: Grow like a head lettuce, market as a salad mix



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Salanova Lettuce Collections
Your Perfect Combination Is Available »
The Premier Collection »
All 4 Cored Types, Individually Packaged, Provide flavorful, attractive leaves
Utility Patent 6,320,104
Foundation Collection Plus Premier Collection »
Combine Incised Leaf plus Cored Types for the Ultimate Salad Mix
The Home Garden Mix Premixed Package »
25% of Each Cored Type Flavorful salad mix to grow at home
Utility Patent 6,320,104
Create Your Own »
For help with creating your own custom salad mix of individual varieties, give your sales representative a call at 1-877-564-6697
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Grow Like a Head Lettuce.
Prepare in One Cut. Market as a Salad Mix.
The unique Salanova Core Structure, which took over 20 years for breeders to develop, allows Salanova to be grown as fully mature, compact heads that once harvested create the multitude of uniformly sized and shaped leaves. There are two distinct core structures.
Incised Leaf Types
Cross-section of Salanova Incised Core Type
While similar in shape to a standard head, incised type heads are more compact, so the individual leaves are tightly arrayed around the core. This allows the individual leaves to be separated with a simple cut just above the core.
Cored Types
  Cross-section of Salanova Cored Type
Larger and more rounded than standard lettuce cores, this core allows the individual leaves to lie nearly perpencicular to the core itself, resulting in a higher density of leaves per head. By using a specially designed cutter tool, the individual leaves fall freely from the core.
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Johnny Selected Seeds
The Salanova®
Quick Comparison

Compared to traditional baby leaf:
  • More than 40% greater yield
  • Less labor to grow and harvest
  • Better flavor, texture, shelf life
  • Modern package of disease resistance to DM and N. ribisnigri aphid
The Advantages of Growing Salanova®
Diversify your market offerings with Salanova
Get the details on how to expand and diversify your market offerings with Salanova.

More Yield, Less Cost
Review Our Return-on-Investment Data for Salanova
Review our return-on-investment research data for Salanova.

ROI Brochure (PDF) »
Learn About Salanova®
View Video on Salanova Lettuce
Ideas for growing, preparing, and marketing Salanova

Salanova® in the News
Fairfield, Maine —
Salanova is the newest innovation in lettuce for the salad mix market. Taking classical plant breeders over 20 years to develop, Salanova's unique core structure allows fully mature, compact heads to be easily cut into individual uniform leaves. Because the heads are allowed to reach full size, they produce fully-developed flavor, texture, and color compared to baby leaf. For the first time, this line is available from Johnny's Selected Seeds to smaller U.S. and Canadian direct-market growers. Praised for its versatility, efficiency and yield, Salanova offers many benefits for the grower.

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