Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Increase Yields, Suppress Disease with Grafted Tomatoes

Grafted tomato comparison
Grafting vigorous, disease-resistant tomato rootstocks to desirable fruiting varieties has become a cost-effective method for growers to overcome many disease and production related issues.

Grafting tomatoes can improve production and overall crop health and vigor; reduce or eliminate the need for pesticide use; lengthen harvest duration; and significantly increase net income.

Learn more about grafting with our instructional video and how-to article.

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Results of Our Grafted Tomatoes Trial

In 2010, we used the hoophouse tomato trial at Johnny’s research farm in Albion, Maine to quantify the yield boost resulting from using a vigorous tomato rootstock grafted to a desirable fruiting variety. Sets of three plants of each variety were grown, with three grafted to #2700 Maxifort and three grown on their own roots. Yields averaged over 40% higher for the grafted plants. Results are tabulated below.

Tomato Variety (scion)
 3-Plant Total
Avg. Yield/Plant
#2064 Cobra (grafted) 67.5 lb.  22.5 lb.
#2064 Cobra (ungrafted) 51.6 lb.
17.2 lb.
#2794 Geronimo (grafted) 89.6 lb.  29.8 lb.
#2794 Geronimo (ungrafted) 53.8 lb.
17.9 lb.
#2765G Arbason (grafted) 60.6 lb.  20.2 lb.
#2765G Arbason (ungrafted) 53.5 lb.
17.8 lb.
#2373 Trust (grafted) 55.4 lb.  18.4 lb.
#2373 Trust (ungrafted) 30.2 lb.
 10.1 lb.
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Tomato grafting
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Learn how to graft your own tomatoes. Watch video.

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