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We've compiled of a set of the best, most informative books and guides to sustainable, right-scale growing and post-harvest practices. We think you'll find our prices competitive, and hope you'll consider purchasing from our collection.
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Growing food for profit on leased and borrowed land.
The best <a href="">cover crop</a> reference we have seen for the Northeast.
Increase the length of your growing season.
How to grow nutrient-dense, soil-sprouted greens in less than 10 days.
A Successful Grower's Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming
How to select and grow the best varieties of all time.
How to minimize waste, increase efficiency, and maximize value and profits with less work.
Innovative techniques for growing vegetables, grains, and perennial food crops with minimal fossil fuel and animal inputs.
A thorough introduction to production and marketing of cut flowers.
The ultimate guide to producing high-quality herbs on a market scale.
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling What You Grow
A wealth of information for the small market and home gardener.
73 plans that will change the way you grow your garden.
For new or experienced growers, educators, and serious gardeners.
A complete guide to managing finances, crops, and staff- and Making a Profit.
An essential guide for anyone growing berries.
The D Acres model for creating and managing an ecologically designed educational center.
Interning, mentoring, partnering, germinating.
1 - 18 of 49