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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Heat Tolerant

This symbol is assigned to those varieties wtithin their specific crop group that have proven to be exceptionally tolerant of high temperatures in our field trials. Use this symbol as a reference when planning on extending your season by planting into or through the summer.
Johnnys is committed to your success and is with you every step of the way.

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Purslane, Red GrunerMicro Green Seed

Product ID: 2257M

Vegetables > Micro Greens > Slow Growing Varieties

Mild, spinach-like flavor. Succulent green leaves and pink stems.

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Purslane, Red Gruner

JerichoOrganic Lettuce Seed

Product ID: 349G

Vegetables > Lettuce > Romaine Lettuce (Cos)

Blonde romaine for both baby leaf and full-size heads.

More Details and Sizes


Green StarPelleted Lettuce Seed

Product ID: 260P

Vegetables > Lettuce > Full-Head Lettuce

Bright green color with excellent tolerance to hot weather, bolting, and tipburn.

More Details and Sizes

Green Star


Backordered until 05/28/15

GitaBean Seed

Product ID: 2619

Vegetables > Beans > Pole Beans > Yard Long Pole Beans

Backordered until 05/28/15
For Asian and specialty markets.

More Details and Sizes


Seed Crop Failure

Green WaveMustard Green Seed

Product ID: 377

Vegetables > Greens > Mustard Greens

Seed Crop Failure See #377X as a substitute

Slowest-to-bolt mustard green.

More Details and Sizes

Green Wave

Seed Crop Failure

TeidePelleted Lettuce Seed

Product ID: 2759JP

Vegetables > Lettuce > Summer Crisp Lettuce

Seed Crop Failure See #2759 as a substitute

Heat-tolerance and disease resistance for mini or full-size production. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.

More Details and Sizes


Out Of Stock

Rover(F1) Radish Seed

Product ID: 664

Vegetables > Radishes

Out Of Stock
Extra early radish.

More Details and Sizes


Out Of Stock

Imperial(F1) Broccoli Seed

Product ID: 3041

Vegetables > Broccoli

Out Of Stock
Best heat tolerance.

More Details and Sizes


Out Of Stock

SoraOrganic Radish Seed

Product ID: 612G

Vegetables > Radishes > Round Radishes

Out Of Stock See #2557G as a substitute

Now available organic! Heat-tolerant organic radish.

More Details and Sizes


Seed Crop Failure

Red CrossLettuce Seed

Product ID: 2962

Vegetables > Lettuce > Butterhead Lettuce (Boston)

Seed Crop Failure See #2962X as a substitute

Heat tolerant red butterhead.

More Details and Sizes

Red Cross

Out Of Stock

Ruby Red OrachOrganic Specialty Green Seed

Product ID: 3999G

Vegetables > Greens > Specialty Greens

Out Of Stock
New! Deep crimson-purple orach.

More Details and Sizes

Ruby Red Orach

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