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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Recommended Summer Planting for Fall Harvest

Mid to late summer is an excellent time to plant for a late harvest. The cool weather of fall improves the flavor of many vegetables. A number of flower and herb varieties can also thrive as temperatures cool and daylight hours diminish. Johnny's recommends the best varieties for planting in mid to late summer to extend your fall market season well beyond your last frost date.

To help you determine when to direct-sow seeds or transplant for a fall harvest, try our Fall-Harvest Planting Calculator.

To extend your growing season even further, consider building economical low or high tunnels using Johnny's Quick Hoops™ Benders and Row Cover.

Johnnys is committed to your success and is with you every step of the way.

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Flamingo(F1) Spinach Seed

Product ID: 3914

Vegetables > Spinach > Asian-Leaf Spinach (Arrowhead)

Slow-bolting, Asian leaf spinach for spring and fall harvests.

More Details and Sizes


Sugarsnax 54Pelleted (F1) Carrot Seed

Product ID: 2322JP

Vegetables > Carrots > Main Crop Carrots

Long, slender roots. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.

More Details and Sizes

Sugarsnax 54

Graffiti(F1) Cauliflower Seed

Product ID: 2255

Vegetables > Cauliflower > Standard Cauliflower

Stunning, flashy purple heads.

More Details and Sizes


Ruby Red or Rhubarb ChardOrganic Swiss Chard Seed

Product ID: 702G

Vegetables > Swiss Chard

Candy-apple red stems with dark green, red-veined leaves.

More Details and Sizes

Ruby Red or Rhubarb Chard

Buttercream(F1) Sunflower Seed

Product ID: 1858

Flowers > Sunflowers > Tall, Branching Sunflowers

An early bloomer with great color and habit.

More Details and Sizes


Pink BeautyOrganic Radish Seed

Product ID: 626G

Vegetables > Radishes > Round Radishes

Pastel pink, round radish.

More Details and Sizes

Pink Beauty

Cherriette(F1) Radish Seed

Product ID: 2145

Vegetables > Radishes

Slow to turn pithy.

More Details and Sizes


MizunaOrganic Asian Green Seed

Product ID: 2883

Vegetables > Greens > Asian Greens

Essential salad mix ingredient.

More Details and Sizes


Mokum(F1) Carrot Seed

Product ID: 2186

Vegetables > Carrots > Early Carrots

Slender "pencil carrots".

More Details and Sizes


Mrs. Burns' LemonBasil Seed

Product ID: 774

Herbs > Basil > Citrus Basil

Sweet, tangy lemon basil.

More Details and Sizes

Mrs. Burns' Lemon

Evergreen Hardy WhiteOnion Seed

Product ID: 502

Vegetables > Onions > Bunching Onions

The most winter-hardy bunching onion.

More Details and Sizes

Evergreen Hardy White

Italian Large LeafBasil Seed

Product ID: 944

Herbs > Basil > Pesto Basil

Classic large leaf type.

More Details and Sizes

Italian Large Leaf

Red ExpressOrganic Cabbage Seed

Product ID: 2076G

Vegetables > Cabbage > Fresh Eating Cabbage

Extra-early red.

More Details and Sizes

Red Express

Flashback MixOrganic Calendula Seed

Product ID: 1496

Herbs > Calendula

Spectacular mix of colors with bicolor petals.

More Details and Sizes

Flashback Mix

Trailing Nasturtium MixSeed

Product ID: 1201

Flowers > Nasturtium

Brilliant blossoms contrast with abundant green foliage.

More Details and Sizes

Trailing Nasturtium Mix

61 - 75 of 346|Page: << < 3 4 5 6 7 8 > >>


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