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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Easy Choice

Easy Choice varieties will help take the guess work out of growing and are the best
choice for beginning gardeners. Even some pros rely on their consistent performance. Easy Choice varieties have been selected by Johnny's field research team because they are easy to grow, have wide adaptability, and taste great.
Johnnys is committed to your success and is with you every step of the way.

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TohyaSoybean Seed

Product ID: 2553

Vegetables > Beans > Soybeans

Early with delicious, buttery flavor and tender-firm texture.

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Red AceOrganic Pelleted (F1) Beet Seed

Product ID: 2841GP

Vegetables > Beets > Round Beets

The best all-around red beet. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.

More Details and Sizes

Red Ace

Sugar Buns(F1) Corn Seed

Product ID: 267

Vegetables > Corn > Sweet Corn > Normal - Sugary Enhanced - Synergistic

A sugary enhanced (se+) variety with the longest harvest period of all early corn varieties.

More Details and Sizes

Sugar Buns

Greek OreganoOrganic Seed

Product ID: 930G

Herbs > Oregano

Now available organic! Essential herb for Italian and Greek cooking.

More Details and Sizes

Greek Oregano

JavelinPelleted (F1) Parsnip Seed

Product ID: 2028JP

Vegetables > Parsnips

For overwintering/spring harvests. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.

More Details and Sizes


Sorbet(F1) Watermelon Seed

Product ID: 3514

Vegetables > Watermelons > Triploid Watermelons (Seedless)

Delicious, mini seedless watermelon.

More Details and Sizes


Pampas PlumeCelosia Seed

Product ID: 1203

Flower Seeds > Celosia

Perfect bouquet filler.

More Details and Sizes

Pampas Plume

Carmen(F1) Pepper Seed

Product ID: 2993

Vegetables > Peppers > Sweet Peppers > Sweet Specialty Peppers

Best-tasting sweet Italian frying pepper.

More Details and Sizes


RacerTreated (F1) Pumpkin Seed

Product ID: 2163T

Vegetables > Pumpkins > Jack-o-Lanterns

Extra early workhorse variety.

More Details and Sizes


Patterson(F1) Onion Seed

Product ID: 2521

Vegetables > Onions > Full-Size Onions > Long-Day Onions

Extremely long storage yellow onion.

More Details and Sizes


Northern Lights MixFlower Seed

Product ID: 1600

Flower Seeds > Flower Collections and Mixes

Designed for optimum performance in Northern climates.

More Details and Sizes

Northern Lights Mix

German JohnsonOrganic Tomato Seed

Product ID: 3815G

Vegetables > Tomatoes > Heirloom Tomatoes

More vigorous, higher-yielding Brandywine type.

More Details and Sizes

German Johnson

ProCut Red/Lemon Bicolor(F1) Sunflower Seed

Product ID: 1781

Flower Seeds > Sunflowers > Tall, Single-Stem Sunflowers

Red petals with lemon tips and a dark disc.

More Details and Sizes

ProCut Red/Lemon Bicolor

Five Star Grape(F1) Tomato Seed

Product ID: 2527

Vegetables > Tomatoes > Grape Tomatoes

Our best tasting grape tomato, bred by Johnny's.

More Details and Sizes

Five Star Grape

Profusion Double Mix(F1) Zinnia Seed

Product ID: 1989

Flower Seeds > Zinnias > Dwarf Zinnias

New! Carefree color all summer long.

More Details and Sizes

Profusion Double Mix

61 - 75 of 137|Page: << < 3 4 5 6 7 8 > >>


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