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Beans are a staple in nearly every garden — whether you grow to feed your family or to sell at market. At Johnny's we trial multiple bean varieties, and offer only those that meet our standards for flavor, true-to-type performance, and yield. Our selection includes bush beans, dry beans, lima beans, fava beans, fresh shell beans, pole beans, and soybeans, including flat-pod, filet, round-pod, and yard-long types.
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Brilliant red pods.
Brilliant red pods.
75 shell; 95 dry
Best variety for baked beans, also excellent for hearty winter soups.
Best variety for baked beans.
90 Days
The earliest-to-market fresh soybean, well-suited for edamame.
The earliest-to-market fresh soybean.
75 Days
Easy-to-shell French flageolet bean with delicious mint-green seeds.
Easy to shell.
76 shell; 96 dry
Beautiful flat-pod beans with pale yellow color and good, rich flavor.
Beautiful pale yellow pods.
52 Days
Provider Bush Beans
Earliest to market, easy to grow, and adaptable to diverse conditions.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Earliest to market.
50 Days
Nickel Bush Beans
Short, medium-green filet, very similar to Tavera.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Short, medium-green filet.
56 Days
Heavy yields of white kidney beans for fresh shell or dry bean use.
Out of Stock
For fresh shell or dry bean use.
80 shell; 98 dry
Out of Stock
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