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At Johnny's we work with top suppliers as well as lesser-known breeders to identify broccoli varieties that will work for all growers. After comparison trialing, we select only the best-tasting, most attractive, and easiest-to-grow varieties. Choose from full-size head varieties or mini broccoli types: broccoli raab, leaf broccoli, sprouting broccoli, and broccoli X gailon. To succession-plant broccoli for optimal performance and yield, follow our Broccoli Planting Program.
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Red Fire
The most cold-hardy variety for overwintering.
New! The most cold-hardy variety for overwintering.
140 Days
New! Excellent for baby broccoli sales.
58 Days
Superior heat tolerance.
57 Days
Strong root system for plantings in below-average fertility.
58 Days
Organic hybrid for spring and summer plantings.
66 Days
Best heat tolerance.
71 Days
Most widely adapted.
60 Days
Best cold tolerance for fall and winter production.
63 Days
Best in Northeast and Northwest.
68 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Happy Rich
The solution to successful summer broccoli production.
55 Days
Favorite multi-cut Italian variety.
48 Days
Best for main season crops.
42 Days
For late fall/winter harvest sprouting broccoli.
80 - 115 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Blue Wind
Extra early.
49 Days
Best for over-winter production.
68 Days
Leaf variety for specialty markets.
45 Days
Excellent for specialty broccoli sales.
60 Days
Out of Stock
Johnny's Exclusive
Second early for spring sowings.
56 Days
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