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Standard Broccoli
Standard Broccoli
At Johnny’s, our broccoli trials focus on identifying high-performing varieties that are adapted to many different growing regions. Always with an emphasis on flavor, we strive to provide a well-rounded assortment, so growers have several options for each planting slot. Choose from conventional and organic broccoli seeds.
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Monflor Standard Broccoli
One-cut broccoli speeds up kitchen prep.
New! One-cut broccoli.
53 Days
Vigorous broccoli with the best cold tolerance for fall and winter.
Best cold tolerance for fall and winter production.
63 Days
Best heat tolerance, ideally-suited for summer, early fall harvest.
Best heat tolerance.
71 Days
Favorite multi-cut, open-pollinated Italian heirloom for spring/fall.
Favorite multi-cut Italian variety.
45 Days
Widely adaptable organic hybrid for spring and summer plantings.
Organic hybrid for spring and summer plantings.
66 Days
Excellent heat tolerance and smooth, well-domed, very attractive heads.
Excellent heat tolerance.
57 Days
Best standard variety for over-wintering due to high cold tolerance.
Best for over-winter production.
68 Days
Big, healthy plants with strong root system in substandard fertility.
Strong root system for plantings in below-average fertility.
58 Days
Bright-green heads tolerant to purpling in cold weather.
Bright-green heads tolerant to purpling.
59 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Blue Wind Standard Broccoli
Extra-early variety that is easy to harvest, attractive, and uniform.
Extra early.
49 Days
Best in the Northeast and Northwest, or areas with moderate summers.
Best in Northeast and Northwest.
68 Days
Eastern Magic Standard Broccoli
Excellent broccoli for the Northeast, with good stress tolerance.
Out of Stock
New! Excellent in the Northeast.
69 Days
Out of Stock
Most widely-adapted variety, performs exceptionally well under stress.
Out of Stock
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
60 Days
Out of Stock
Johnny's Exclusive
Amadeus Standard Broccoli
Second early for spring sowings, yields medium-sized, fancy heads.
Out of Stock
Second early for spring sowings.
56 Days
Out of Stock
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