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Standard Cauliflower
Standard Cauliflower
Standard cauliflowers are a staple for farmstands and home gardens alike. We have carefully selected varieties in a range of colors, from the traditional white to the popular Cheddar orange, vivid green and purple, with varying degrees of heat and cold tolerance to suit conditions across the growing season and zones. An important quality in white cauliflowers is their wrapper leaves, which help to maintain the white color.
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For late summer and fall crops, tolerant to both heat and cold stress.
For late summer and fall.
68 Days
Early, bright-orange cauliflower that holds well in the field.
Bright orange heads.
58 Days
Best organic variety for fall harvest; uniform, self-wrapping heads.
The best organic variety for fall.
80 Days
Stunning purple heads, excellent for farm stands, CSAs and restaurants.
Stunning, flashy purple heads.
80 Days
Large, heavy and self-wrapping heads, well-suited for fall production.
For fall production.
73 Days
Big green cauliflower for both cool and warm weather production.
For both cool and warm weather production.
71 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Snow Crown Standard Cauliflower
Extra-early and adaptable hybrid with unusual seedling vigor.
Extra early and adaptable.
50 Days
Improved Fremont-type hybrid for summer and fall crops.
Improved Fremont-type hybrid.
65 Days
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