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Cocktail Tomatoes
Cocktail Tomatoes
Juicy, sweet, and versatile, cocktail tomatoes range from 2-4 oz — bigger than cherries and grapes, but smaller than slicers. Perfect halved or served whole on salads, cocktail tomatoes are often called saladette or salad tomatoes. With their vibrant flavor, firm texture, and convenient size, they are also superb for fresh snacking, roasting, and incorporating into pasta and other dishes. From bright red to orange, mahogany brown to dark purple, Johnny's offers high-quality varieties in organic and conventional seed.
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Unique cocktail-sized dark tomato, exceptionally high in anthocyanins.
Unique, dark tomato, exceptionally high in anthocyanins.
75 Days
Late blight resistant salad tomato with excellent flavor, high yields.
Excellent flavor and late blight resistant.
66 Days
Mahogany brown with distinctively rich and fruity tomato flavor.
Mahogany brown with good flavor.
74 Days
Glacier Heirloom Tomatoes
Delicious first-early heirloom borne on a compact, determinate plant.
Delicious first-early heirloom.
55 Days
Clementine Cocktail Tomatoes
Unique orange cocktail tomato with appealing, sweet-tart flavor.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Unique orange cocktail tomato.
68 Days
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