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At Johnny’s our standards for seed germination are higher than the Federal Seed Act standards. To ensure that germination rates are kept high, we store our seeds in a temperature-controlled environment and test each lot every 5 months. Our Quality Assurance team only releases seed that meets our strict requirements.
Best-in-class greens for signature mixes and standalone sales.
Our radishes are gorgeous, high-performing, and packed with flavor.
Plant our hardy overwintering varieties for the earliest spring onions.
Fill out your planting program with high-performing varieties for each slot.


We've expanded our line of field-tested, professional-grade tools this year to meet grower requests — whether you need a major piece of equipment or just a spare part or two, we can help you make the time-, labor-, and money-saving choice.
We offer several grades, widths, and lengths for protecting your crops.
Construct your own tunnel at a fraction of the cost with Johnny’s benders.
Choose from our commercial-grade products for preserving your harvest.
Change the game with an efficient seeder that saves you time and money.