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Lettuce for All Growers & Gardens  
Tulip & Narcissus Bulbs for Fall Planting  


"The core of our mission is your success, and we are honored to play a small role in it."
—Robert Johnston, Jr.
Ensure a good, healthy crop by starting with our high-quality seed.
These cool-weather crop varieties can take the heat better than others.
These varieties provide the perfect basil aroma, flavor & appearance.
Personalize your salad mix with your favorite shapes, textures & colors.


As a seed company with a robust research and trialing program, we are able to test all our tools and supplies under a range of growing conditions and methods, to offer only those that meet our own tough demands.
Perfect for the greenhouse, raised beds, or rows & gaps in the field…
Support your climbers with quality netting, twine, clips & more.
Arm yourself with natural defenses for fighting garden predators.
Durable, ergonomic & ideal for digging in raised beds and tunnels.