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Our mission is helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and service.


For 50 years Johnny’s has set the standard for high seed quality, meeting or exceeding federal minimum requirements for germination rates, pathogen testing, and traceability.

Video: Mochi Tomato

Learn why our tomato research team is so excited about 'Mochi'.


Ready to try something new? Pick a peck from our pepper selection.


Excellent flavors, textures, and colors from widely adapted tomatoes.


Top performers from our multiyear, multi-season lettuce trials.


"We know a tool's success is only as good as the grower's success in using it."
— Jen Goff, Product Manager, Tools & Supplies

Video: Connecta™

The science behind the interchangeable tool that will change the game.

Seedling Heat Mats

Create the right environment for germination using our new, high-quality heat mats.

Trays, Domes & Flats

Sturdy, reusable plug flats, mini pots, microgreens trays, and more!

Soil Blockers

An eco-friendly way to start seedlings that promotes healthy growth.