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"The core of our mission is your success, and we are honored to play a small role in it."
—Robert Johnston, Jr.
Introducing the best seeds, plants, and tools from our trials.
Innovative varieties with strong disease resistance and great flavor.
Trending colors & textures for gorgeous, high-impact bouquets.
Quality-assured plants that arrive at the right time for planting.


Designed and built from professional-grade materials to our crack tool team's exacting specifications, Johnny's tools will make your work more ergonomic, efficient, and enjoyable for many years to come.
Take 2 and find out about this all-in-one flower harvest, transport & display system!
We’ve found more clever, labor-saving tools to make your work easier.
Our tools are strong, easy-to-use, and will speed up the task at hand.
Customize your seeding operation and scale up as you grow.