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For 49 years Johnny's has set the standard for high seed quality, meeting or exceeding federal minimum requirements for germination rates, pathogen testing, and traceability.
Look behind the scenes at our superior downy mildew-resistant basil.
Choose from top performers selected for diverse climates and conditions.
Harvest buckets of green (or yellow or purple) beans this season!
Complete your planting program with carrots of each color and type.


"We know a tool's success is only as good as the grower's success in using it."
— Jen Goff, Product Manager, Tools & Supplies
Learn how to harvest a 30” bed of greens in a single pass!
Outsmart weeds with preventive options designed for organic systems.
Install a good trellis system now to save time and money later.
Improve yields by protecting your crops from heat and light damage.