New Queeny Lime Orange Zinnia Available Through Johnny's Selected Seeds

New 'Queeny Lime Orange' Zinnia
• Available Through Johnny's

AAS Award Winner with Stunning Colors

Albion, Maine — January 3, 2018: Of the 30+ new flower varieties Johnny's Selected Seeds is offering this year, 'Queeny Lime Orange' zinnia is one of the most exciting. It is a 2018 All-America Selections Committee (AAS) award winner, and it is easy to see why — 'Queeny Lime Orange' has striking coloration, with glowing apricot blooms that feature a blush of lime and bright rose centers.

Zinnias are one of the most popular and easiest-to-grow annual cut flowers. They make a striking statement in bouquets and are ideal for market growers and sophisticated design work. However, they are equally appropriate as an easy-to-grow and beautiful addition to the home garden.

Johnny's was one of the growers who trialed 'Queeny Lime Orange' during the AAS selection process. "Although one of the most important flower crops for farmers and gardeners, innovations in zinnia are rare," says Hillary Alger, Flowers and Herbs Product Manager at Johnny's. "So, when we received the trial seeds from AAS, we were quite excited to get them in the ground," she explains.

"From the first bloom," says Alger, "we were convinced it would be an AAS winner." She notes that its apricot color palette is highly sought after by cut-flower growers, floral designers, and gardeners. plus the plants are very productive. "I believe growers will be thrilled to have this innovative variety in their planting plans," she says.

A native of the Americas, zinnias are relatively heat and drought tolerant. Johnny's trials all the zinnia varieties it offers for sale, selecting for vibrant color, sturdy stems, vigor, yield, quality, disease resistance, and vase life.

Bred by Hugo Dittmar of Samen und Pflanzen in Switzerland, 'Queeny Lime Orange' is one of a trio* of zinnias, including 'Queeny Lime with Blush' and 'Queeny Red Lime,' celebrated for their distinctive appearance as well as their practical nature: the trio offers prolific blooms on a sturdy, compact plant, and a long vase life.

All-America Selections is an independent, nonprofit organization that tests the newest crop varieties, then introduces only the best garden performers as AAS Winners. Judges look for significantly improved qualities such as earliness to bloom or harvest, disease or pest tolerance, novel colors or flavors, novel forms, total yield, length of harvest, and overall performance.

The AAS judges reported that Queeny Lime Orange was a "showstopper in the trials" and a "WOW color in an easy-to-grow zinnia," providing a "wonderful hue for today's floral trends."


* ADDENDUM: Johnny's now offers an Exclusive Queeny quartet, in the form of our 'Queeny Formula Mix,' a dreamy blend of all four cut-and-come-again varieties in the Queeny Series: 'Lime with Blush,' 'Lime Orange,' 'Red Lime', and 'Lemon Peach.'

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