Ladybug on a white flower.

Attracts Beneficial Insects

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Attract butterflies and hummingbirds from spring through fall.
Early-blooming and vigorous variety developed especially for cutting.
Provide bee forage all season long with this low-maintenance mix.
Attracts and supports beneficial insects.
Clear, bright orange blooms reminiscent of gerberas.
Edible bright lavender blooms with a spicy scent, a nectar plant.
Edible flower with mild cucumber flavor attracts bees and butterflies.
Excellent stem quality, color combination, and chocolate fragrance.
Early, fiery-colored blend for field or greenhouse.
Common purple coneflower, the easiest echinacea to grow.
Late-season cut flower attracts beneficial insects.
Vibrant mix for cut flowers and garden beds.
Novel cosmos resemble fluted cupcake wrappers.
Pure white filler with intricate, lacy pattern for elegant bouquets.
Attract a wide array of beneficial insects that prey upon pests.
Uniform, slender leaves ideal for fresh use.
An absolute must for the cutting garden.