Bunches of bupleurum and bells of Ireland, two types of filler flowers offered by Johnny's.

Bouquet Fillers

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Standard filler for arrangements, also known as baby's breath.
Tallest dusty miller for cut foliage.
Sturdy dried and fresh-cut flower.
Cut-flower filler adds sparkle to bouquets with airy flower plumes.
Deep mahogany-red foliage for cutting and garden accent.
Dark red amaranth with graceful, easy-to-use spikes.
Prolific producer of button-like blooms.
Dark purple Italian Large Leaf type with high yields and great flavor.
Bite-size for use as edible garnish.
Bite-size for use as edible garnish.
Add color and scent to your bouquets with basil.
Classic florists' eucalyptus.
Ornamental, flavorful Thai type with larger leaves and showy flowers.
Productive and easy to grow and harvest.
Multipurpose flowering crop.