A close-up shot of greens from one of our easy-to-grow seed mixes.

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Tall tabletop pumpkin with wild handles.
Red petals with lemon tips and a dark disk.
Bronze red Little Gem-type for spring, summer, and fall.
Exceptional flavor and storage life.
Tall, strong stems for cut flowers.
Intense fruity flavor for an exclusively fresh-market treat.
Fast-maturing beet with strong tops.
Lemon yellow petals surround a dark disk.
Extra-early workhouse variety with great-looking rib and big handle.
Compact, uniform, mini romaine with excellent texture.
Red leaf well-suited for late-season growing due to disease resistance.
The preferred culinary variety with huge leaves and great flavor.
Fast-maturing beet with strong tops.
Early-blooming and vigorous variety developed especially for cutting.
Johnny's signature mix, the gold standard for multicolored Swiss chard.