A close-up shot of greens from one of our easy-to-grow seed mixes.

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Early, delicious, attractive cherry tomatoes.
Ruby red flowers that hold their petals, strong side stems for cutting.
Classic cornflowers in blue, pink, red, and white.
Refined all-season series for field or greenhouse growing.
4–6" flowers are deep red with brown disks.
Classic Italian basil variety with authentic flavor and appearance.
Our favorite traditional Boston type with thick, crisp leaves.
Well-known mix of singles and doubles.
Earliest to market, easy to grow, and adaptable to diverse conditions.
Exceptionally long-storing yellow onion.
Best mini variety with light, sweet taste, attractive yellow interior.
Red leaf well-suited for late-season growing due to disease resistance.
Slightly larger blooms than Sunny Smile.
First and most abundant to bloom in our trials.
First and most abundant to bloom in our trials.