A bouquet of edible flowers grown from Johnny's edible flower seeds.

Edible Flowers

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Popular, multipurpose perennial with semidouble blooms.
Dark-orange petals rimmed with gold, a favorite around the world.
Bite-size for use as edible garnish.
Add color and scent to your bouquets with basil.
Classic Italian basil variety with authentic flavor and appearance.
Well-known mix of singles and doubles.
Versatile single stems, very uniform in bloom time and stem length.
The striking, edible scarlet flowers are a hummingbird favorite.
The standard winter-hardy thyme with good flavor and yields.
Classic cornflowers in blue, pink, red, and white.
Refined all-season series for field or greenhouse growing.
Standard cilantro with robust flavor.
Unique, double petal Azalea-type cut flower with a Victorian look.
Popular color for spring and fall production.
The standard choice for field-cut snaps.