Yellow, purple, pink, and white tulip and daffodil flowers, cut and in buckets.

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Multiple fragrant blooms per stem.
Dreamy ivory to pale rose double blooms.
Lightly fragrant blooms with heirloom peony appearance.
Rich, dark color with scalloped petals.
Large apricot-colored blooms on long stems.
Pastel pink blooms on long stems.
Vibrant sherbet-colored blooms on long stems.
Bright white and fragrant.
Bold and bright butterfly daffodil.
A little wild, a lot lovely. The earliest double-flowered white tulip.
Glowing blooms of the palest yellow.
Dramatic, dark blooms on long stems.
Lavender-purple double tulips.
Haunting tones of gray, blue, and violet.
Romantic, richly layered petals on long stems.