One of our basil varieties shown growing in a hydroponic system.

Hydroponic Performers

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Romaine-like sweet flavor with iceberg-like crisp, crunchy texture.
Use as a salad mix base for structure, loft, and yield.
Gray-green pea shoots with good flavor and lots of tendrils.
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety.
Mildly spicy, dark-purple stems and leaves.
Tasty snacking cucumber with good heat tolerance.
Mildly nutty shoots for snacking, salads, and garnishes.
Improved microgreen production over standard cilantro.
Striking red leaves with bright green interior for stunning contrast.
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety.
Refine your salad mix with color, flavor, and elegance.
Compact and uniform green mini romaine with excellent, crisp texture.
High-yielding, crispy green leaf with excellent shelf-life.
Culinary favorite with savory, pine-scented foliage.