One of our basil varieties shown growing in a hydroponic system.

Hydroponic Performers

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The preferred pea variety for shoots, with uniform germination.
Standard salad arugula for salad mix and bunching.
Common addition to salads and sandwiches that adds mild, nutty flavor.
Organic white-stemmed pac choi.
Beautiful dark green pac choi, best at full size, suitable for minis.
Standard hydroponic variety, excellent summer greenhouse performer.
Dark green, compact romaine for an all-season mid-size.
Multi-use Genovese basil with downy mildew and Fusarium resistance.
Prolific and tasty cocktail cucumber.
Another way to eat healthy broccoli.
Ornamental, flavorful Thai type with larger leaves and showy flowers.
Large Beit Alpha for colder conditions.
Standard Genovese type for containers.
Deeply incised, heavily frilled leaves add texture to mixes.
Thread-like leaves add delicate pungency to dishes calling for onions.