Lettuce growing in the field.

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Multicolor mix of round radishes for making attractive bunches.
Striking golden-fleshed beet that retains its color when cooked.
Slow-bolting dill for bunching and leaf harvest.
Exceptional flavor and storage life.
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety.
A true Greek oregano with strong aroma and flavor.
Improved germination and seedling vigor.
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety.
Intense fruity flavor for an exclusively fresh-market treat.
An all-organic mix of diverse colors, shapes, and textures.
Organic yellow zucchini with powdery mildew resistance.
The classic New England pumpkin traditionally used for pies.
Fast-maturing beet with strong tops.
The preferred pea variety for shoots, with uniform germination.
Extra-large blooms with outstanding uniformity.