Close up of ornamental kale, one of the varieties we recommend planting in summer for a fall harvest.

Summer Planting for Fall Harvest

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Workhorse standard red beet; reliable, adaptable, and fast-maturing.
Semi-savoy with strong DMR for all seasons.
This mild-tasting, slightly nutty mâche is the ideal winter salad item.
Downy mildew resistance and improved appearance.
Early, uniform, and great tasting; best all-around kohlrabi we've found.
Unique and elegant color, fades from deep cranberry to antique rose.
Romaine-like sweet flavor with iceberg-like crisp, crunchy texture.
Standard salad arugula for salad mix and bunching.
Clear, bright orange blooms reminiscent of gerberas.
Condensed saladbowl-type oakleaf for whole heads or salad mixes.
Vigorous hybrid-Lacinato type.
Johnny's signature mix, the gold standard for multicolored Swiss chard.
White double flowers and decorative seed pods for fresh/dried bouquets.
"Watermelon" radish for fresh eating and fermenting.