'Mysterious Parrot' Late-Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Mysterious Parrot' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here in our tulip trial in front of our parrot tulip assortment. This variety right in front of me is 'Mysterious Parrot'.

This is a really beautiful variety, it has a really rich purple color and that kind of classic parrot bloom form. The blooms are kind of a plum purple and then they have white around the edges of the petals and they're really nicely feathered and scalloped, just what you'd expect from a parrot tulip variety.

You can see here, this is what the buds look like as they're just starting to color up and again, they kind of look like that parrot beak almost. That's typical of parrot tulips. And then this is how they unfold. And then the mature blooms will continue to open up and have a really nice full flower.

So again, this is 'Mysterious Parrot', a little bit of a later blooming parrot variety with nice strong, sturdy stems, a really rich, warm purple color and a classic parrot shape.

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