Sunflowers, grown from our organic seeds, displayed in metal buckets.

Organic Flowers

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A dramatic addition to any bouquet or garden.
Elegant and whimsical cut flower in a unique color.
An organic sunflower with golden-orange petals.
Tall sunflower bred for winter production.
Cut flower and butterfly habitat.
Profuse bloomers for fresh or dried arrangements.
Brilliant blue flowers and decorative seed pods for fresh/dried bouquets.
Prolific producer of button-like blooms.
Sweet-scented cut flower with stiff stems and delicate appearance.
Pure white filler with intricate, lacy pattern for elegant bouquets.
Long-lasting perennial with a long vase life for fresh cuts.
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Sturdy, glittering perennial grass for arrangements and landscapes.
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Large-flowering zinnias in organic seed.
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Beautiful pink and copper-toned blooms on healthy, vigorous plants.
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Unique, long-lasting textural accent featuring brilliant 1" globes.
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Compact English lavender with a nice range of bloom colors.
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Beautiful blooms and unusual seed pods amidst lacy netting of greenery.
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An assortment of flowers for use as edible garnishes and decorations.
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