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Moveable Caterpillar Tunnel Hoop Bender – 12'
Quick Hoops™

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Ultimate versatility in low-cost protected cropping and season extension.

Bend your own hoops to create a movable 12' wide, 7' high tunnel of any desired length out of locally available 1 3/8" chain-link fence top rail. Bender produces 12' hoops, which are then braced to create a rigid half-pipe frame that rides on a pipe track from plot to plot. Tunnel is anchored at either end and along the sides.

Start winter crops in August while the tunnel is in a different location, protecting heat-loving summer crops. Later in the season, the tunnel can be moved over the winter crops for cold season protection. Tunnels can move to 2, 3 or more plots along the track as desired.

Like our other benders, it mounts to any solid horizontal surface (picnic table, bench, hay wagon, etc.), includes a lever bar for ‘finishing' the bend and extensive, fully-illustrated instructions on how to build your own movable tunnel. Developed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman.

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